Meow Sales Pipeline

Organize your Sales for free

Meow is an open-source CRM and Sales Pipeline that helps you manage your sales pipeline and customer data with ease. It allows you to create a custom pipeline and to label each stage according to deal progression.

Visualize your Sales Pipeline

Meow is the right choice for revenue teams who want to adopt a lean strategy for deal management, so they can focus on what is most important - their customers.

Organize your deals in stages and get an overview of the opportunities you and your team are working on. Meow manages your sales using a Kanban board, allowing you to drag and drop opportunities between sales stages.

The tool helps you to identify opportunities that require updates, deals at risk and helps improve your forecasting accuracy. It allows you to track your deal progression in one view, making it easy to manage and to report on.
Sales Pipeline Stages
Configure your Sales Pipeline Stages

Configure your Sales Stages

Easily visualize your sales journey with a flexible pipeline. Customize it by naming stages according to your deal progression.

With Meow, you can create and configure opportunity fields and stages to fit your business.

Forecast your Sales

Meow helps you get an accurate view of your sales. Quickly find out how your inbound leads are progressing, which deals were closed, and understand how your team is performing.

Gain a historical view of how certain stages have changed over time. Understand better at which stages you are winning and losing deals. Meow will instantly show you how you'll end your quarter or month with the deals you currently have in your pipeline.
Sales Pipeline Forecast

What else ...

Open source

Meow is an open source visual sales pipeline dashboard. You can freely customise the software and you benefit from upcoming updates. The entire codebase is available on GitHub.


We take security seriously. This is why Meow comes with several security layers. Our commitment to safeguarding your data is reflected in the multiple layers of protection built into our open-source software. To ensure security, Meow employs encryption with Transport Layer Security (TLS) for secure data transmission, while also encrypting data at rest. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your information remains safe and confidential, whether it's being actively exchanged or stored for future use.


Don’t give up on controlling your data or lock yourself in. Stay in control of both your data and costs at all times. You can either host Meow on your own server,on the cloud provider you prefer or you simply use our infrastructure.

API-first, Cloud-Native and Headless Approaches

Meow provides a high degree of flexibility and customization, as it allows you to use the backend functionality without being tied to a specific frontend interface. With a headless open source CRM, you have the ability to leverage customer data and insights across all touchpoints, enabling you to optimize engagement and drive business growth.

Built for Developers

Meow works out-of-the-box, no coding skills required. You can start using it immediately and if you decide to make changes later, you can easily do so. Additionally, Meow is open source and provides a variety of APIs, allowing you to complete tasks such as creating leads in just a few minutes.
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  "name": "Wonka Industries",
  "amount": 40000,
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See what our clients have to say! We all know, a good quote tells you more than a list of features.

Meow Dashboard
"Raccoon-omics at its finest! This sales funnel management software has me seeing the light and giving up my thieving ways. As the raccoon in charge, I'm amazed by its positive impact on the bottom line. No more stealing food, just making sales! It's truly a hoot."
Bob, Head of Sales.
Meow Dashboard
"Sales funnel management has never been so effortless and enjoyable. This software has truly revolutionised the game, giving me more time to do what I love most - sleeping and barking! I'm proud to be a part of this exciting advancement in my role as an Account Executive. Thank you for making my job easier and more fulfilling."
Alice, Account Manager
Meow Dashboard
"Wow! This tool has given me a new leash on life in sales. As the top dog in charge, I'm wagging my tail over its intuitive design and effectiveness. I never knew managing deals could be this easy!, It's simply paw-some!"
Charly, Head of Sales.
Meow Dashboard
"Meow-nificent! This sales funnel management software has completely transformed my perspective on sales, I'm simply amazed by its efficiency and accuracy. 9 lives have never been so organized!"
Ferdinand, Head of Sale

First Steps

For more details please read the documentation
Clone Meow's Repository
git clone
cd meow
docker-compose build
docker compose up
Open your Browser
http://localhost on your browser
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