Sales Management meets Slack

Manage sales tasks in a single place.Slack meets Meow

Enough talking, how can the Meow on Slack help me with sales

Meow seamlessly integrates with your team on Slack. It offers the necessary features to promote smooth and effective sales management.

Performance and Forecasting: Ask how an individual or your full team is currently performing, and get forecast insights by inquiring about your progress to your quarterly or monthly targets.

Customer and Opportunity Information: Need to check the current customer status during a call? Just ask Meow on Slack, and it will fetch the details for you instantly.

Stay in the Loop with Activities: Meow keeps you updated on all recent team activities, deal updates, and forecast changes by sharing this info right within Slack. Staying informed and organized has never been easier.

Installing Meow, Piece of Cake!

Login on your Meow account and head to setup, you find a button to install the bot there. If you need help don't hesitate to drop us a line.
Meow Bot